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It is the mission of The Space on Main to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, the arts, education, health, and recreation in order to increase opportunity for personal and collective growth in the Cohase Region of Vermont and New Hampshire by providing a creative facility with access to affordable equipment, work spaces, and classes. It is our goal to ensure prosperity of our community by leveraging talent in the region by creating pathways to outside individuals, services, and technologies.


I just wanted to send a note letting you know just how valuable the Space on Main is to me and my family. I live in Colorado and have visited Bradford almost every year since I was born. In recent years, my visits were limited by how much time I could be away from work because internet connectivity issues made remote work difficult. The last couple of years, now that I have this amazing new option, have meant that I have stayed in Vermont for four weeks each summer. Both my wife and I were able to work at the Space on Main and extend our time in Bradford. We are now looking at the possibility of visiting in other seasons as well. We are also happy to be able to support all the other local businesses in Bradford when we are in town. It’s more than just access to the internet, though. The Space is a very comfortable place to work with lots of options for meetings and calls. And it’s great to be part of a community and see some fellow workers during the day. You have done an amazing job making all of this happen. I’m impressed and grateful.
–Ben, Member, Remote Worker

We love The Space On Main. It is gorgeous inside and super fun for any events. It hosts amazing technology and Monique is incredible to work with! My son attended the Summer Space Camp and LOVED it. He learned some coding, went on some walks, visited local businesses, did some 3D printing, learned Minecraft, and did some vinyl printing. He could not wait to go back every day. All of the people working there were amazing with the kids and he is excited to sign up for the next camp. Thank you for a wonderful summer experience!!!
–Christine, Parent of Youth Camper

This morning I parked in the lot over by the Post Office, grabbing a coffee and muffin at the Buzz before bopping into The Space to work. During a brief lull in the morning’s action, I looked over at Thompson Fuels and thought ‘Oh yeah! I’ve been meaning to look into swapping fuel providers, think I’m gonna do that right now.’ So I did, and now I have an appointment set up for next week. During lunch (which was ordered and picked up from the Colatina, which I get like three times a week now since it’s right next door and so delicious) I also popped into Aubuchon’s to get a bunch of stuff for a home reno project that I’ve got going on. We all benefit from The Space in unknowable, incredible ways. Not only do I get these amazing benefits (high-speed internet, access to locally-roasted coffee, member parties, getting to meet rad people) but it’s also now super convenient to support my local community businesses as well.
–Brynn, Member, Remote Worker

One of my favorite places to visit in Bradford, Vermont is The Space On Main. While at The Space, I have listened to musicians, attended opening night art exhibits, heard a campaign speech of a newly-running Vermont politician, and participated in a creative art brainstorming group. This past summer my daughter spent time with me and was able to use The Space On Main as her work space for the month. How fortunate we are to have this vibrant resource in our community!
–Patty, Bradford Community Member

I have been a member of The Space On Main since its opening in October 2018. I am an employee of an industrial aerospace company with headquarters in White River Junction, VT, about an hour’s trip from my home in Corinth, VT. I was unable to work remotely from my home due to an inadequate internet connection. Since the opening of The Space, I have been able to work remotely, commute only 15 minutes, and the journey is well within the battery range of my plug-in hybrid car. In addition to providing remote worker facilities, The Space On Main has been a vibrant and diverse community and has provided me numerous opportunities to interact with other members to share experiences and ideas. The Space On Main brings together not only remote workers, but local business groups, care providers and the wider artistic community. The Space On Main has changed my life for the better and I am so happy to be part of it.
–Ed, Member, Remote Worker

The Space On Main is a great place to work. I became a member shortly after moving to the area about a year ago and it has become part of my life here. The space itself is really nice, with high ceilings, ample natural light, and local art and furniture. I can walk down main street to grab lunch or coffee at one of the stores in downtown Bradford. While the location and physical space are really nice, the people are the best thing about this place. I’ve gotten to know some wonderful people here and participate in some neat events. I enjoy attending yoga classes, open gallery nights, tech meetups and concerts at The Space On Main. It’s a great place to network, learn and generate ideas. Recently we started a local Code for America brigade (https://www.codeforamerica.org/about-us) which came about from a conversion at a monthly tech meetup hosted at The Space On Main. I’m looking forward to working with folks here on tech projects that help local non-profits or municipalities. This is place is real gem.
–Craig, Member, Remote Worker

Thank you so much for hosting Minecraft Club this fall. Oliver had a great time and enjoyed spending time with new and old friends doing an activity that he otherwise would do alone. As a mom, it’s so nice that he’s able to take his interest in Minecraft (and more) and play it collectively with other kids who are into the same things. It makes that time social and supportive, which is what all extracurricular activities should be about.
–Abby, Parent of a Youth Program Participant

Phoenix was very excited before every class and looked forward to going. She said she found creating a game exciting, fun and loved the learning experience. Phoenix always was interested in science, but after your classes she is even more eager to explore the science field. We all hope you are not only able to keep this wonderful program going, but to be able to make it grow would be absolutely amazing. Thank you very much for your time and dedication to the kids, this is what small communities need in order to make the youth strive for success.
–Ken & Jessica, Parents of a Girls Who Code Participant

I honestly think that it was very important to have these options of camp and clubs within the community because it brought me together with kids my age, and I made new friends. AND! I also learned to code!
–Gannon, Student Participant

I think it’s fantastic to have these opportunities within the community. Our little ones thrive off of challenges and learning new things, and being that these services aren’t offered in depth at the local elementary school, the option for my child to participate in these camps and clubs was really fulfilling for me and my child and we hope to have more opportunities to take part in these types of sessions in the future. Thank you!
–Kate, Parent of a Youth Program Participant

That was the most fun program I’ve been in for a long time. You can code a lot of really interesting things and they give you access to all these cool sites.
–Tiana, Girls Who Code Student Participant

What I saw while my daughter was in the program: She started taking an interest in what she can make with technology and she brought that interest home to work on her programming projects between sessions. She seemed both more confident and more knowledgeable about coding. Living in a rural area and with a public school that has limited resources, there just isn’t any other program like this that we could have gotten our daughter to without having to drive for hours, so this was a rare and special opportunity for her to gain knowledge she wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.
–Layna, Parent of a Girls Who Code Participant

Our 12 year old daughter had so much fun doing Girls Who Code. She looked forward to the program every week and was profoundly excited to try new things, like video game design. Monique worked with her so patiently to resolve programming bugs and get things done. As a result of GWC, tech pursuits and careers seem like viable, enticing options for our daughter. Thanks so much Monique! Our daughter can’t wait to get back to The Space.
–Betsy, Parent of a Girls Who Code Participant

I love Minecraft! I love meeting new people! And these are traits of this program! I love this program!!
–Izzy, Student Participant

The Space and the its staff were welcoming, knowledgeable, and fun. My daughter really looked forward to this program and meeting people from different towns. The Space offers unique programs for kids that really speak to their interests and inspire confidence!
–Anne, Parent of a Youth Program Participant


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