A few updates for you:

a. Colatina Game Night Mon Aug 19 5:30pm
I’ve been hosting a 3rd Monday Game Night for years now at the Colatina Exit (upstairs). Pop over after work if you want to join in. Starts at 5:30pm, but you can show up whenever. We always have plenty of games to share and you can order food and drink from the bar.

b. SOM Member TGIF Pizza Party Fri Aug 30 12:00pm
Take a break from your screen and let’s have lunch together. SOM will order pizza! Join in on the last Fridays of the month!

c. SOM Member Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour 4pm
We started to do every 3rd Thursday of the month, but then schedules got in the way. If you’re able to take a break from your screen join in for a BYO beverage happy hour – any Thursday afternoon.

d. Printer Is On Its Way!
By the end of the month, we’ll have a printer setup for members to use. Thank you for your patience! If you see Erin Odell of Odell Insurance, thank her for her donation toward purchase of a setup.

e. Additional Meeting Rooms
The wellness room is going to be converted into two hourly-available meeting rooms. We’ll have one by Sept 1 and another one as soon as our contractor can get an extra door in. $15/hr for nonmembers and $5/hr for members. I’m also working on trying to fund several soundproof booths that a space in Burlington has been loving.

f. General Info / Story
Several of you have asked how The Space came to be. I try to keep the Press & Media Kit page updated which has most of the info: (of course I’d be happy to chat with any of you as well).

g. SOM Board Members
We had a huge shift in board members from our starter board to next phase. Two of your coworkers, Brynn and Jon, are directors. We have at least one director visiting from Seattle this weekend. If you’d like to read more about the team, that’s available here:

h. Volunteer Opportunities
Paul asked about volunteer opportunities in the area. I am going to put together a resource page for reference in case that would be helpful information. Coming soon!

I think that’s it for now! Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂


Happy Monday!

Here are a few announcements for the next few weeks:

a. Member Slack Channel
If you haven’t already joined, the internal Slack channel is where a lot of quick updates get posted first (as well as questions/updates from other members). Join here:

b. Bradford Business Association 8/5 @ 8am
Meeting tomorrow in the Event Space if anyone wants to join in. 🙂

c. Space Invaders Field Trip: Night Paddle 8/12 @ 9pm
It’s the height of the Perseieds Meteor Shower on August 12th. Let’s go paddle around Halls Lake and try to catch some! Bring your kayak/paddle board and suit and we’ll do a lap around and swim. We’ll meet at the beach.

d. Tech Thursday Meetup w/ Special Guests from Code for BTV! 8/29 @ 5:30pm
By request, we will be joined by members of the Code for BTV team to share what they have going on!

e. Fresh Blueberries
Peaked Mountain Blueberries (Piermont, NH) dropped off half a dozen pints this morning for members. First come, first serve.

f. Welcome shoutouts to new members Eve Pearlman and Baibhav Acharya! 🙂

For all updates, you always have access to:

Have a great day!

Thank you to everyone who attended the member cookout! We will definitely do that again. And thank you for looking after The Space while we were away – and shout out to Mike who visited every day to tidy up!

Welcome shoutouts to Taylor Carr, Jon Masland, Matthew Denton, and Caitlin Taylor! 🙂

There are a few events coming up (including today) that I thought you might want to attend:

TODAY! July 24th 5:30 PM – 7 PM
Startup Brews at OnTrack (White River Junction, VT)
OnTrack.Space, 15 Railroad Row 2nd Floor, White River Junction, VT

Too often entrepreneurs work in silos. Imagine starting a business in a garage, on a farm, along a river, or at the end of a dirt road. Many Vermonters do…and it can be a very lonely place. But it doesn’t have to be…

Join Vermont’s next generation of entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, and like-minded people interested in art, technology, and business who want to learn, teach, make things, start ventures, and meet new people.

Our next event, “Startup Brews” is at OnTrack in White River Junction, VT. We’ll start with BYO beverage and then people can keep the conversation going at any one of the great restaurants in the area.

Come out of your silo for an evening of networking and fun that will turn your “startup blues” into “startup brews.”

OnTrack is located on the 2nd floor at 15 Railroad Row in White River Junction. They offer memberships that either come with leasing an assigned desk for one month at a time, or a private office that would come with a six month lease.


July 29th 12:00-1:30pm
VCET Visits The Space On Main

The team from VCET ( that extended its mentoring and discount resources ( are coming here for the day on Monday 7/29. They’re going to meet with me in the morning and then do a group lunch hour introduction of what resources members here can take advantage of. Then they’re offering one-on-one consultations to anyone who wants to talk through their businesses. Could be from idea stage not knowing where to go next, to practicing a pitch, to needing a new direction, etc. After that they’re going to record an episode of Start Here ( on-site.


The Space On Main has partnered with CWE, ThinkVermont, and area organizations to bring you free business workshops. The next two workshops are on August 1st! Pizza provided! All are welcome.

WORKSHOP #1: Steps to Grow Your Business
Thursday, August 1 at 9:30AM–12:00PM
The Space On Main

In this session, learn analysis methods to examine current and future opportunities for your business to:
• leverage customer relationships;
• build a strategic partner network;
• improve operational efficiencies;
• and identify new market channels

…in order to:
• plan strategic initiatives for the next year,
• and implement that plan efficiently and effectively

Fee: Free. Must apply to attend. Please email for more information.

WORKSHOP #2: Succeeding in Your Side Hustle
Thursday, August 1 at 5:30PM–8:00PM
The Space On Main

Do you have freelance work, gigs, or a “side hustle”?
This workshop will provide tools and templates to feel confident
and enthusiastic about a multiple-income stream lifestyle. We’ll cover topics like how to build the network you need, securing and managing clients, legal considerations and management tools.

Fee: Free. Must register to attend:

Workshops made possible by the Center for Women & Enterprise, Think Vermont, and The Space On Main, with Cohase Chamber of Commerce, Bradford Business Association, and VtSBDC.

In both cases, pizza will be provided by The Space on Main and Colatina Exit.


For all updates, you always have access to:

Happy holiday weekend! Here are a few updates:

Member Potluck Cookout
Saturday, July 13th 5-8pm. Family welcome! Feel free to come hang out or to pop in. If people could RSVP with a rough head count by Friday so I can have an idea to purchase meat, that would be awesome, but not required. I’ll pick up some nonalcoholic drinks. Feel free to BYOB. Depending on numbers, it might be good idea to pack a camp chair with you if you have one. Cell: 802-222-1909. 1252 Fairground Road, Bradford, VT 05033 (1 mile from the intersection of Route 5 and Fairgound Road. Driveway on the right, directly after a 40MPH sign. Priestley is on a tree sign at the end of the driveway). Drive up – we can handle car tetris. Ryan and I will park our cars at the bottom so there’s room at the top.

Heat Pump AC Units & Fans
These things are a little finicky. Feel free to use them, but please make sure to turn them off. Just because the remote shows that the units are off, does not mean they are – the green lights should turn off and the flaps should close. The remote needs to be pointed at a unit, within range for it to work. I also purchased a fan to get air circulating to the back of the top floor and one for the Conference Room.

Monique on West Coast 7/16-7/21
Ryan and I are headed to Portland and Seattle for the week of 7/15. Please do not hesitate to text if something comes up (802-222-1909). If an emergency were to occur and I was unreachable, the building owners can be reached at Colatina Exit next door (Vin & Angela). Mike Musty has volunteered to go in on Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri mornings to help tidy things up and turn on ACs. You all have been awesome at picking up, turning off fans/lights. If you could help keep an extra eye on things while I am out, it would be very appreciated. In the case that new drop-in members try to stop in, I am having quick-start instruction cards printed. Please do not hesitate with any questions or concerns.

Welcome to new members Nathaniel Pearlman, Katie Partridge, Marin LaCroix, and Katherine Durgin-Bruce! 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend! Here are a few bits of info for this week and beyond:

a. Tuesday/Wednesday 6/17-18
We’re hosting the first leg of Vermont Council on Rural Development’s two-day board retreat starting on Tuesday at 1pm ( It shouldn’t be too noisy, but there will be about 30 people in the Event Space 1-3pm and we’re starting off with a panel presentation. I’m on the board, so won’t be available 12:30pm-ish on Tuesday through Wednesday night. You can totally text me if you need anything, but I probably won’t be able to get on the phone unless there’s an emergency. And I won’t be watching email too closely.

b. StartupVT Thu 6/20
StartupVT is starting up again on Thursday with a low key happy hour and business sharing at Arnold Block, the coworking space in Bethel. Free and open to all.

c. Busy/Noisy Saturday 6/22
During the day Blue Wave Tae Kwon Do is going to be using the Event Space for a meeting. We’re hosting a concert on Saturday night with cash bar. Members get in for $10. For more info:

d. Tech Meetup Thu 6/27
We’re doing another Tech Meetup with Anna. BYO beverage. Pizza provided.

e. Cookout Sat 7/13
Only a hand full of people responded to the poll, June flew by, and we have several new members who just joined or are joining. I’m going to plan on Saturday, July 13th at 5pm for the cookout. Will send more details, but mark your calendars. Family members are welcome! 🙂

f. CWE FREE Business Workshops
Put placeholders on your calendar for 5:30pm 7/10, 9:30am 8/1, and 5:30pm 8/1 if you are interested in business planning, remote/freelance, and growing your business workshops. Gwen Pokalo from the Center for Women in Business and Enterprise is going to be providing free workshops. More info shortly (I’m waiting on the descriptions to share).

g. Welcome
Welcome to new members John Maly, Alicia Kaye, and Liza Cohen!
And to new Sustaining Spark member, Phyllis Shea!
(More info on Sustaining membership here:

Happy Friday! A lot of different things have been in progress/evolving and new members have been applying steadily as summer homes open up for the season. Here are a few updates/reminders/event updates:

a. Cookout
Important stuff first! The weather is getting nicer and I thought it might be fun to have a member cookout! Also, Andrea is moving to Boston and it would be nice to send her off! In order to find a date that works best for everyone who is interested, please reply to this Doodle Poll: (would host in Bradford)

b. Courtesy Reminders
Please keep in mind that The Space is shared space – please use headphones/earbuds when on calls (even in phone booths), silence/mute notification sound effects, push in chairs, and clean up your space/dishes after eating. Thank you!

c. Main Street Parking Reminder
With the weather improving and streets getting busier, please try your best to park in the public lots at either end of Main Street. There is technically a 2-hour limit, which we would like to respect – especially with businesses next door who rely on in-and-out customer traffic.

d. Busy/In-Meeting Stress Balls
Another space in VT is using toy blocks for people to place on their desks when they cannot be bothered. If this would be helpful to anyone, I got a dozen colored stress balls that people can use for a no-interruptions marker.

e. ScaleHere
The Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET) today announced new partnerships with five innovation hubs to boost startups,
innovation and localized economic development throughout Vermont. The #ScaleHere platform accelerates business growth throughout the state by sharing the business resources aggregated at VCET to companies at other non-profit innovation centers
outside of the greater Burlington area. This includes discounted cloud software and access to one-on-one mentoring. Read More:

f. Upcoming Events
Fri, June 07 10:00am-5:00pm BBA Customer Appreciation Free Coworking Day
Fri, June 07 5:00-7:00pm First Friday Art Gallery Reception (Lois Jackson)
Thu, June 20 5:30-7:00pm StartupVT Startup Brews at Arnold Block & Babe’s in Bethel
Sat, June 22 7:30–9:00pm Live at The Space: Lyle Brewer | Hans Williams
Thu, June 27 5:30–7:00pm Tech Thursday Meetup

g. New Members!
Welcome to John Marsh and Martha Turner who have both signed on with monthly memberships! And to John Maly who is joining in two weeks! 🙂

h. Resources:
– Member Getting Started Page:
– Member-Only Updates

Thank you for being awesome and helping to keep The Space running!


Morning Everyone!

Few things:

a. Cold Brew
There’s a new gallon of cold brew in the fridge. Help yourself! (From our friends at Upper Valley Coffee Roasters!)

b. iOS & Android Apps
The iOS app still isn’t working quite right. I have written again to support. In the meantime, the Login link at the top of will bring you to the mobile web version of Proximity. PS They say they have a working Android version now:

c. Updates
With new members, I added a page for archiving these emails so that everyone can go back and read through past updates: (also accessible through Proximity > Member Benefits > Members-Only Updates).

d. Volunteer?
I have to travel next week and we have a First Friday gallery opening on Friday night. Would anyone be available 4:30-7:30 to let the winery folks in, keep an eye on things, and make sure the doors are shut/lights are off at the end?

Welcome to our newest member, Stephen Schramm! Welcome back to Andrea Moore! 🙂 And hugs and best wishes to Hannah Palmer Egan as she heads off for Brooklyn! <3

Have a great Thursday!


PS My cat is still very sick so I’m working from home. If anyone needs me, I’m just down the road so feel free to text 802-222-1909. Thanks!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I wanted to share a few notes with you.

1. Seattle Trip
I’ll be in Seattle the evening of 5/2 through the morning of 5/7. Please do not hesitate to call/text as always if anything comes up. If I’m on the plane or whatnot, a good backup is Ryan who’s cell is 802-565-0537.

2. Tech Thursday
Anna Lornitzo just finished a software developer program and wants to start hosting monthly tech meetups at The Space. The first one will be Thursday, 5/16. I posted it on Facebook and the Meetup group:

3. StartupVT: Startup Brews
The founder of StartupVT passed the torch on to me last month so I need to get monthly Startup Brews on the calendar. This is a Meetup group of just under 200 entrepreneurs from around VT, mostly centered in Randolph moving out. These events are fun and the idea is to travel around East Central/Central VT to different venues to hear what projects people are working on while drinking somewhere fun. Super low key. I’ve reached out to a few coworking spaces and bars in Bethel and White River Junction to see if they might each host events in May and June. Stay tuned – and join the Meetup Group if you’re into that.

4. Patio Furniture
I put together the patio sets. I’ll put them out when it’s sunny and take them in at the end of the day. If I’m not in and you want to use a table and chair, please don’t hesitate, but please make sure to bring them back inside before you leave (sets have been known to disappear off of Main Street at night). The sets are stacked in the front window under the events monitor.

I think that’s it for now! Thanks for being awesome! 🙂


Hi Everyone,

The Proximity team that maintains the management software for The Space recently updated the iOS app. It’s really buggy at the moment. I wrote to them and they said they’re working on it. In the meantime, you will probably have trouble with keys showing up correctly.

The website is working correctly, so you may want to switch to that method for a bit (which is how Android users get in).

Here’s the quickest way to step through that:
1. Visit in your mobile web browser.
2. Click Login at the top (goes to
3. Login using your credentials.
4. Click your profile picture in the upper right corner.
5. Click Keys.
6. Click Front Door.

Here is a quick walkthrough video:

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes and will keep you posted on updates from their team.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help stepping through this.

Thank you,


Hey Everyone!

a. Cold Brew
Andrea from Upper Valley Coffee Roasters just dropped off a gallon of cold brew concentrate. Help yourself!

b. Event Heads Up
I wanted to give a heads up for a few events happening this week and next:
Wed 4/10 5:30-6:30pm Event Space: UV Preschool Dinner (Music for 15 mins at 5:45.)
Thu 4/11 5:00-7:00pm Event Space: Real Estate Auction Info Session (public)
Thu 4/18 7:00-10:00pm Event Space: Rough & Tumble Concert w/ Cash Bar
Fri 4/19 11:00-2:00pm Front of Space: 4 Business Pop-Up Sale
(Blythedale Cheese, Montview Vineyard, Alice’s Kitchen, and UV Coffee Roasters)

c. Handy link for updating memberships, links to FAQs, etc.

d. Frequent updates are being posted primarily to the Slack channel:

e. Tech Meetup
We’re working on our first tech meetup/happy hour event on May 16th 5-6:30pm to coincide with 3rd Thursday happy hours. More details on that soon.

f. Welcome! 🙂
Also, welcome to our two new members, Paul Kaye and Annie Puciloski!

Happy Tuesday!