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Local, state, and national media has been amazingly supportive of our efforts. We keep our Press & Media Kit updated on a regular basis, but here are some highlights in case you missed them (from most recent to oldest).

• Cohase Chamber Announces Business and Citizen of the Year (Trendy Times, PDF | Page 1)
• The Space on Main Hopes to Connect Bradford Residents to Each Other and the World (DailyUV)
• Bradford space aims to bring independent workers together (WCAX News)
• Space on Main Founder Monique Priestley Cultivates Engagement in Bradford (Seven Days)
• Caledonian Record Business Watch November 10, 2018 (Caledonian Record)
• Worth Knowing: The Space on Main in Bradford is open and it’s pretty darn great (DailyUV)
• The Space Represents Bradford Commitment (Journal Opinion, PDF Pages 1,14)
• Downtown Hub Set to Open (Journal Opinion, PDF | Pages 1,12)
• Bernie’s Beat: Comments & Observations On Our Local Scene (Bridge Weekly, Archive | 8/26/18 | Pages 1,4,7,17) “Monique Priestley’s ‘The Space On Main’ is shaping up to be an important commerce generator for the area. A recent Cohase Chamber tour revelead an exciting entrepreneurial adventure ahead!”
• Someone You Should Know… Monique Priestley (Trendy Times, PDF | Page 9)
 Co-Working Space Aims to Boost Downtown Bradford (Valley News)

The Vermont Pass

The Space On Main Joins The Vermont Pass Coworking Network

The Space On Main is pleased to announce it has joined the Vermont Pass network. The Vermont Pass is a partnership between amazing coworking spaces across the state, created to benefit our members. This partnership allows members to use any of the following spaces: The Lightning Jar (Bennington, The Space On Main (Bradford, Hinge (Burlington, Local 64 (Montpelier, Stowe Office Share (Stowe, Valley.Works (Waitsfield, and Optimist Center (Woodstock When you become a member of the one of these spaces, you have the benefit of using any of the spaces when you travel. Get in touch with one of these wonderful Vermont coworking spaces to learn more!

About The Space On Main (

The Space On Main is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies upon the generous support of individuals, philanthropic organizations, and businesses such as Copeland Furniture to provide their services. It is the mission of The Space on Main to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, the arts, education, health, and recreation in order to increase opportunity for personal and collective growth in the Cohase Region of Vermont and New Hampshire by providing a creative facility with access to affordable equipment, work spaces, and classes. It is The Space On Main’s goal to ensure prosperity of our community by leveraging talent in the region by creating pathways to outside individuals, services, and technologies.

About Vermont Pass (

The Vermont Pass is a partnership between amazing coworking spaces across the state created to benefit our members. Visit to learn more about our coworking partners.

Monique Priestley Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Did you miss the Ribbon Cutting? Don’t worry! We have you covered with the help of Bob Farnham! You can find Monique’s speech below.

For those of you who thought you should show up, but still don’t understand what the heck this is – thank you for being open and curious. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The Space On Main is a nonprofit center for people to create. To Experiment. To share their passions. To learn. To have fun! To enjoy work again. And most importantly, to connect to the amazing people that are just outside of their current circle.

There’s a lot of suck going on right now. If all you experience, every day is your daily routine piled with whatever depressing information major media dumps on you, you’re going to feel it. People are losing their sense of community and their ability to connect with it. It’s in that community that you experience the hope, beauty, and energy of being part of a bigger thing. Of humanity. Of being alive.

And that’s the true goal of The Space. To facilitate community connections. To give you a spot to teach that skill that you’ve always wanted to share. To give you an outlet to display your talents. To learn from your neighbor. To get out of your PJs, off of your couch, and to work next to those other 100 people who are telecommuting for jobs elsewhere around the world. To share coffee. And Wifi.

Every person here today has had a hand in making this happen. And I can’t thank you enough. When Hill’s and Perry’s went out of business, the town felt this hard. Every meeting I went to was covered in a sadness that I and others really weren’t sure we’d recover from. I personally started thinking that I should move back to Seattle where my full-time office is located. I had shared the dream of a community-focused building with most of my closest friends and mentors for years, but it was usually tossed up as a pipe dream. I myself considered it a retirement dream. Then at a Bradford Business Association social, Marvin told me it was time to share it with Angela. I did. Right then. Almost exactly two years later, here we are.

Because of each of you. Some of you played particularly key roles, which I would like to highlight here today. The first two couldn’t be here today as they passed within this last year.

Carol Priestley. Who volunteered tirelessly and always brought us along. To church, school, library reading programs, Memorial Day parades, and every other thing that she could coordinate or help with. She taught me the value of giving back, even when you can barely afford to stay afloat. And she taught the love and commitment that comes from the sense of belonging to your community. The Village of Piermont raised me, because everyone was always chipping in to be a part of something bigger than themselves (and taking care of me in so many ways).

Hellen Darion. Who passed on her 103rd birthday. She was spunky, critical, and found wonderment in every aspect of life. I got to know Hellen by giving her computer lessons, which eventually turned into being her Google-searching partner. Over the course of 8 years, we looked up everything. We’d often take times just to talk and reflect over whatever came to mind. Hellen’s constant question was, “Do you feel like you’re doing the most you can do?” I’d often reply, “I want to do something bigger, but I don’t know how yet.” And then she’d tell me she wanted to kick me and to figure it out. She drove me.

Nancy Jones. You all tease the heck out of me for being on so many boards. You can thank Nancy for that. My entry ask was Bradford Conservation Commission. 9 years ago. She asked me to serve. She gave me that first sense of being a part of serving something on behalf of myself. She took me to countless association annual meetings and dinners and I was always happy to go. I didn’t really understand how powerful that was until just recently. She is a mentor, a friend, and a powerful woman role-model.

Marvin Harrison. He’s responsible for me being on another handful of boards. He has a way of telling people to ask me to serve, and then tells me I’m doing too much. He’s my go-to. The one I email way too many times a day to ask how to approach situations and people. The most respected person in any room. The wise-cracker. A friend and mentor. I’m going to steal his words for a minute – “My hero”.

Donna Williams. Who’s been a mom to me since high school. My best friend. She poses hard questions and inspires me. She keeps me grounded, supports me, and even when I have crazy ideas, she’ll do things like provide the IRS application fee for a nonprofit startup.

Ryan Lockwood. My partner in life, love, laughter. You should probably all give him a hug. He’s the one who laughs when I run around the house bouncing after an exciting meeting. He’s the one who comforts me when I’m so frustrated in the world that I can’t do anything except cry. He’s the one who encourages me when I’m doubting myself the most. Who does things like stay at The Space working all day and night to get it ready without once saying he’d rather be anywhere else.

Vin and Angela Wendell. They probably thought they were crazy 1000 times throughout this. I thought they were crazy. I appreciate everything they’ve done, but more importantly, I respect them so much. I know they want this just as much as I do. I can’t even begin to express what this means to me and to the community – once they understand what this is.

My board members. A team of my closest friends from both coasts. But not just close friends. The most intelligent people I know who would have my back in life and business. But also a team of my most trusted and respected friends who I knew would keep me in check, call me out, and make me stop to think things through.

And now everyone else. The hundreds of people who have provided an ear. Encouragement. Excitement. Their life stories in a coffee shop or at their dining tables. Who let me in and shared their passions. Who shared their frustrations. And their dreams. And their address book. And their monetary support. Holy crap you guys. This whole thing has blown me away, inspired me, challenged me, taught me, and given me hope.

We made a thing together. And I’ll never be able to express how much that means.

Ribbon Cutting Event to Launch The Space On Main

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bradford, VT 9/23/2018 – The Space On Main will be joined by Ted Brady (Deputy Secretary, Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development), Samantha Sheehan (Owner & Executive Director of Valley.Works & Communications Manager of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility), and Erik Volk (Executive Director of the Cohase Chamber of Commerce) to commemorate the opening of its Main Street location with a ribbon cutting ceremony in Bradford. The dedication will take place on Friday, October 12th at 11:00am. Launch party tickets can be purchased for 6:30pm that night featuring food catered by Colatina Exit and music by DJ ShaR4.

The Space is a new nonprofit community-based coworking, maker, and gathering space fostering entrepreneurship, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. The Space On Main, Inc. was founded in July 2017 and will be leasing the former Hill’s 5 & 10 building. Vin and Angela Wendell, of Colatina Exit, own the building and have completely renovated every aspect, totalling over $500,000. The Space On Main team has fundraised nearly $100,000 in the last 9 months to cover equipment, furniture, and build-out costs specific to its offerings.

It is the mission of The Space on Main to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, the arts, education, health, and recreation in order to increase opportunity for personal and collective growth in the Cohase Region of Vermont and New Hampshire by providing a creative facility with access to affordable equipment, work spaces, and classes. It is The Space On Main’s goal to ensure prosperity of the community by leveraging talent in the region by creating pathways to outside individuals, services, and technologies.

The Space On Main’s startup funds have come from grants and donations by Vermont Community Fund, Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Couch Family Foundation, Hypertherm HOPE Foundation, Odell Insurance Agency, Co-operative Insurance Companies, Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank, Wells River Savings Bank, Copeland Furniture, Community Bank, All-Access Infotech, Alarmco, and amazing community members.

To sign up for membership, reserve space for events, provide monetary support, or for more information, visit

SOM Secret Shirt

Celebrate Intl Coworking

The Space On Main has released a new t-shirt to celebrate International Coworking Day on August 9, 2018! The Space On Main would like to thank the community all of their support with fundraising efforts so far. On International Coworking Day, and every day, we celebrate the spirit of collaboration and community that is the essence of what coworking is.

To order your shirt (or any others), visit our store page and click on the image. You will be redirected to our online ordering through Teespring. A large portion of every sale comes back to The Space On Main as a donation.

Interested in coworking at The Space On Main, but haven’t filled out the application yet? No problem. You can do it now (there is no payment or obligation required at this time, but it will help us get the ball rolling)!

International Coworking Day is a day to celebrate coworking across the world. Coworking is much more than an office space where members gather to work. It is the collaborative spirit that develops when people are in proximity to each other every day. Coworking spaces are often inhabited by small companies, freelancers and remote workers who gather in an environment that is conducive to productivity and builds community.

LaunchVT Connector

LaunchVT’s Connector

The Space On Main has been added to LaunchVT‘s Connector directory, an epically cool resource that filters organizations by the resource they provide to businesses. Check it out!


June 2018 Newsletter

Phew! Translation: This thing is actually going to happen, people!
The Space On Main went from a dream; to a discussion; to a collaboration with people from all over Vermont and New Hampshire; to a nonprofit with a kickass board; to being propped up by so many amazing mentors; to being a series of lessons in fundraising, finance, construction, community development, networking, (the list goes on).

And by the end of Summer 2018, it will be a place where people go to work, to network, to learn, to teach, to collaborate, etc.

It is the mission of The Space on Main to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, the arts, education, health, and recreation in order to increase opportunity for personal and collective growth in the Cohase Region of Vermont and New Hampshire by providing a creative facility with access to affordable equipment, work spaces, and classes. It is our goal to ensure prosperity of our community by leveraging talent in the region by creating pathways to outside individuals, services, and technologies.

Visit for more information.

Where We’re At
With recent donation and grant confirmations, we’re at $80,000 of our $100,000 launch goal. While we are still piecing together the rest, it looks like we have enough to move forward with construction, IT, security, software, furniture, and all of that good build-out stuff.

Where We’ve Been

  • WIN 2016: An idea was shared and The Space was born.
  • JAN 2017: The Space On Main, Inc. was officially incorporated.
  • SPR 2017: I attended the Global Coworking Conference in NYC and toured coworking and makerspaces all over VT and NH.
  • JUL 2017: The Space On Main received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.
  • DEC 2017: We sent our first appeal letter which resulted in a $5,000 donation and a matching challenge of $20,000 from The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation. (Which resulted in, “This might just work.”)
  • SPR 2018: We dove into outreach, floor layouts, fundraising, budgets, construction estimates, Fiber pricing, received several more grants, etc. (read: learned a bunch of new skills and met lots of awesome people).
  • JUN 2017: We received a $25,000 Regional & Local Impact Opportunity Grant from Vermont Community Foundation as well as other generous funds from local donors, like you!

Upcoming Events: Business After Hours (July 18th 5:30-7:00pm)
Cohase Chamber of Commerce & Cohase Rotary Club are hosting a MEMBERS ONLY Business After Hours event (read: Happy Hour). This invitation is extended to anyone who applies for monthly membership to The Space. Head over to the site and fill out the application.

Kickstarter Campaign
Keep an eye out for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We are working with Tim Swaan of Cygnus Productions on the video and with area vendors for the various gift tiers. This will include swag, membership vouchers, VIP Launch Party tickets, exclusive private events, and more.

Opening Details
Right now *knock on wood*, we’re looking at a soft-opening for members by the end of August, followed by a VIP Launch Party and Grand Opening in early September. Keep an eye on emails and social media (FBTwitter).

Apply for Membership
If you plan on being a monthly member, head to our site and fill out the application. No payment will be collected at this time (we’ll talk it over, sign an agreement, etc. before you’re ever charged).
Membership is not required for people who plan on renting rooms for events/classes, for people who opt just to pay for day passes, or for attendees of classes/events.

Teach Classes / Host Events – Let Us Know!
Are you planning to rent The Space’s classroom or conference room for classes and events? Or, are you hoping to volunteer your time and talents to teach classes to community members? We’ve set up an Instructor / Space Reservation form for you. You do not need to know specific dates at this time… it’s just to help us gather information and to coordinate a meeting with you.

Want to chat? Or a tour?
I am always happy to grab coffee and/or schedule a tour with interested members, instructors, community organizations, sponsors, donors, etc. Send an email, text 802-449-MAIN (6246), or reach out through Facebook.

Donate / Sponsor
Yes, we still need money… for the foreseeable future. You can make a general donation, set up a time to discuss sponsorship possibilities, or even drop me a tip about grant opportunities. As always, I would be happy to sit down with you to discuss any and all options.

Thank you so much for all or your support. More updates soon!

Monique Priestley
President & Founder, The Space On Main | 802-449-MAIN (6246)
Personal cell: (802) 222-1909

Made possible with crazy amounts of support from all of you as well as the following organizations:


To see the pretty MailChimp version:

Things Are Heating Up!

This week we received confirmation of an additional $33,000 of funds committed to The Space On Main! With this, we have edged over 80% of our launch goal with no signs of letting up anytime soon! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated so far. And special thanks to our major contributors: The Vermont Community Foundation, The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, The Couch Family Foundation, Hypertherm HOPE Foundation, Odell Insurance AgencyCo-operative Insurance CompaniesWoodsville Guaranty Savings Bank, and Wells River Savings Bank. Visit for more information. If you haven’t jumped on to the newsletter list, do so now, ’cause there are special announcements headed out soon!

Bridge Weekly

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