Corporate Q&A

Do you have remote workers who would like daily or occasional access to an affordable office environment outside of their home? Provide your employees with a flexible, professional environment, without having to invest in expensive real estate. Surveys have shown that coworking space members are more productive, healthier, and happier. All monthly recurring memberships include access to any available desk in the common area, discounts on SOM-sponsored trainings and classes, and inclusion on SOM Slack and Facebook groups. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss or customize offerings to better fit your company’s and employees’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Coworking is about creating a better place to work, and, as a result, a better way to work. Coworking spaces provide more than just office space. They are community centers, friendly gathering places, think tanks. When you rent a desk or an office, you gain coworkers to bounce ideas off and that support you professionally in a way that you can’t find working from home or in the corporate office. Coworking connects you to a global network of professional peers.” -Jamie Orr, Founder of Tahoe Mountain Lab

The Space On Main is a 7,000 sq ft nonprofit community-based coworking, maker, conference, event, and gallery space in the heart of the VT/NH Cohase Region (Northern Upper Valley) fostering entrepreneurship, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

The Space On Main is located directly on Main Street in downtown Bradford, Vermont. It is situated next to Colatina Exit trattoria and within quick walking distance of The Local Buzz coffeeshop, Bliss Village Store, Bradford Post Office, Bradford Public Library, and multiple banks. If members have free time and want to explore, there are endless opportunities to recreate on local trails, rivers, and lakes. Bradford is located less than 30 minutes from Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Being situated on Interstate I-91, travel from Bradford to Boston, New York City, Portland, or Montreal is very easy (particularly if members take advantage of Dartmouth Coach).

The Space On Main is located directly on Main Street in Bradford, Vermont. We use Proximity to manage membership, billing, door access, wifi access, etc. Members use the Proximity Mobile app on their smartphone to access the building according to their membership level. If a member does not have a smartphone, we can provide access via pin pad and/or key fob. Entrances and shared open areas are monitored by security cameras 24/7 in case anything happens (audio is NOT recorded).

We ask that members who are in for the day use one of two public parking lots at either end of Main Street, as seen in this Google Map. All Main Street parking has a two-hour limit (particularly important in the winter for plowing). If members are coming in for a few hours or meeting a client, there is parking on Main Street right in front of The Space.

The Space On Main uses a fiber internet connection through Consolidated Communications. We currently have 50/50 Mbps synchronous which has been excellent. We can always upgrade if we need to, but we haven’t had any issues so far.

We have 4 desks that can be adjusted and then a variety of seating – ergonomic desk chairs at desk height and bar-style tabletops with stools. If we had enough people who wanted adjustable options, we would be open to investing in more equipment. Our soundproof booths have stools that can easily be removed if people prefer to stand.

A majority of desks are in the open. We have two 3-person shared offices that have dedicated desks in them. One of those offices is completely available. We also have a workstation with closing door and 3 soundproof booths for video and phone calls.

We have a 4-person Meeting Room ($5/hr), a 15-person Conference Room ($25/hr), and a 75-person Event Space ($25/hr). Corporate memberships include coworking space memberships as well as inclusion of a block of hours for meeting spaces.

Due to COVID, all of our workstations, soundproof booths, and meeting rooms are available by reservation. Post-COVID, all open area workstations will return to first-come, first-serve. The workstation, soundproof booths, and all meeting rooms are always available by reservation (or first-come if no one has reserved them). The dedicated desks are dedicated to individuals (or per company) and would just always be available to that entity behind a closed door.

There is no wait list. We are accepting new members and would love to have your team join us.

We are excited to be a part of the Proximity Network. This enables members to travel to other spaces within their international network up to three times a month, completely free!