URGENT UPDATE Coworking During this Period of COVID-19

Hi Everyone,

Many coworking spaces in Vermont, and across the country, are struggling this week to decide how to proceed, while protecting the health and well being of our community, and keeping resources available and accessible.

For the time being: The board and I have decided to keep The Space On Main open to current members only. I would like to ask that everyone pick one work area, leave a piece of paper with your name on it at that space, and stick to that work area. Visitors are not allowed in the building, this includes friends, spouses, housemates, children, and dogs. I am very sorry about this as one of the best and most beautiful things about The Space On Main is the sense of openness and commitment to being a community-friendly environment. I ask you to strictly abide by these rules until further notice in order to make it possible for us to keep The Space On Main open and available for you to “get to work”.

While you are at The Space On Main, please maintain extremely careful personal and workplace hygiene, and honor social distancing guidelines: stay 6 feet away from other individuals, do not hug or shake hands, clean any shared items before and after using them, including: cooking utensils, coffee mugs, pens, etc. I appreciate how clean and tidy you all are everyday, but for now, cleanliness is no longer just polite, but essential. Remember to clean your desks and chairs everyday before you leave, and please clean shared kitchen items thoroughly as soon as you are finished using them. I will do my best to keep cleaning supplies well stocked. There are currently wipes and disinfectant on the far booth (please return supplies there after use).

If you or a family member are feeling ill, or have recently been in an environment which would put you at high risk for transmitting illness – please stay home.

You can learn more about current mitigation guidelines in Vermont, and about COVID-19 generally at the Vermont Department of Health’s website or by calling 2-1-1: https://www.healthvermont.gov/response/infectious-disease/2019-novel-coronavirus

I will be working from home as much as possible, but am only a two minute drive from The Space. Please text/call/Slack me if you have an urgent issue, run out of wipes, or the bathrooms need to be restocked. My cell: 802-222-1909

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Stay safe and well,