COVID-19 VT Stay Home, Stay Safe Order

Dear Members, Sustaining Sparks, and Community Members,

This is a difficult email to write, but The Space On Main will close its doors at 5pm today in response to the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe order. All doors will be locked, all memberships with door access will be paused, all cameras will remain on, and the security system will be armed. I will be in touch with future updates as things change.

I apologize if this adversely affects your ability to work remotely. I will be opening up the WiFi network in order to provide access to those who might find it helpful on Main Street during these times.

I am working on ways that supporters can continue to support The Space On Main during this time as we will need assistance in order to make it to the other side. For example, I would like to leave Sustaining Spark memberships active, but please let me know if you would like yours paused. If you are in the position to do so and would like to donate, please visit

I will continue to offer online programming on behalf of The Space On Main – webinars in online tools, leadership, and other topics that people can attend from the comforts of their home. Code for UV and groups that have been using our Zoom account can continue to do so remotely.

I hope that you are able to continue working and stay safe and well during this time. If you would like a member Zoom call, I would be happy to set that up!

Please do not hesitate with any questions or concerns,