COVID-19 Updates

WE’RE REOPENING (Phased with restrictions, but it’s better than nothing!)

Hello Members!!! I’ve missed you so much! Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to support us over the last few months – you really helped us pull […]

COVID-19 VT Stay Home, Stay Safe Order

Dear Members, Sustaining Sparks, and Community Members, This is a difficult email to write, but The Space On Main will close its doors at 5pm today in response to the […]

URGENT UPDATE Coworking During this Period of COVID-19

Hi Everyone, Many coworking spaces in Vermont, and across the country, are struggling this week to decide how to proceed, while protecting the health and well being of our community, […]

Update in Response to COVID-19

Hi Everyone, The following message has been shared to Facebook and the website, but I also wanted to make sure that all of our registered members received this as well: “Anyone […]