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The Space on Main, located in Bradford, Vermont, is a community-based coworking and makerspace site.
Looking for more information? Read the appeal below or check out the Fact Sheet and Founding Narrative.
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The Space On Main, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) public benefit corporation serving all of VT and NH. Your donations are tax-deductible.

“We need this space. Without The Space On Main, I don’t know if I can justify keeping my family here.” Over the past year, I have been meeting with people similar to you in our community and heard this sentiment expressed many times. This is what keeps me going. Community revitalization. This is the reason The Space needs your help.

What problem does The Space solve? Several! I am involved in many area organizations including the local business association, regional Chamber of Commerce, Rotary club, public library board, Young Makers Club, and so on. The recurring loop I hear is, “Why aren’t more people your age here? Where is everyone? What can we do to engage more people in the area?” Then, one of our pillar retail businesses closed, leaving a huge gap on the most significant Main Street in our region. It seemed like every gathering went from hopeful and energetic to everyone thinking, “What are we going to do now?”

I started my research for what would soon be known as The Space by visiting with community members in local coffee shops, restaurants, workshops, and at their dining tables. People move here to get away from the city, for work, for a spouse’s work, or to help family. They are nervous about living here. They are struggling with slow internet speeds, a lack of networking opportunities, and a feeling of being disconnected. The Space will address these needs, fill our Main Street gap, and weave a network of partnerships throughout the region.

The Space will be a community facility providing rooms of varying sizes and purposes designed to host coworking (office sharing), networking events, hands-on Maker projects, conferences, meetings, training programs, social events, as well as educational classes for all demographics. The Space serves telecommuters, sole proprietors, remote teams, nonprofits, for-profits, health and wellness practitioners, Makers, students, travelers looking to use a high-speed internet connection, and anyone looking to attend a wide array of classes.

This is where you come in. To ensure that The Space becomes a reality, we need your help. Our goal? $100,000. This covers outfitting the space and several months of operating costs while we prepare to open our doors. Would you please consider a donation today; investing in your community to make The Space a reality?

If you would like to learn more about The Space I would be happy to meet with you. I have included additional information in the Fact Sheet, Founding Narrative, and can share the business plan upon request.

Our members and I thank you for your consideration and support!

Monique Priestley, President & Founder