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Hi Everyone!

I’ve added members and a few users of The Space to this listserv. I’ll be using this for posting non-newsletter things to like important updates and events.

You can manage preferences and access the posting info and Archives here:

Thursday, December 20th 5:30–7:30pm. Let’s celebrate the holidays and the end of a work day together! Colatina is bringing over a cash bar and The Space will order pizza. Bring a gift for the Yankee Swap if you’d like to participate ($25 max). If everyone’s up for it, we can play whiteboard-size “A Fake Artist Goes to New York” drawing/guessing game. Life partners welcome!

a. FAQs – I’m keeping this updated. Please let me know if I missed anything.
b. Parking – Reminder to use the lots at either end of Main Street as street parking is 2-hour.
c. Contracts – If you haven’t signed one, see me so I can have you pen & ink sign off on the agreements you’ve already been accepting when you sign up online. 😉
d. Coffee Cards – If you have a $100/month or higher membership, The Local Buzz provided punch cards for 5 free coffees. Come see me.
e. Key Fobs – I should have both door and security key fobs this week for anyone who wants one of those to skip the mobile phone and manual access steps. This will also function for Event rentals (letting your members go to the car or whatnot).
d. Mats/Floors – Valley Floors is donating winter mats and should be in soon. Until then, I’m holding off mopping, ’cause it’ll just have to be done again. Soon!

a. 12/04 8am–9:30am Bradford Business Association. Open to all.
b. 12/10 Free Coworking Day sponsored by SunCommon. Tell your friends.
c. 12/18 6pm–8pm Cohase Rotary Club Holiday Party (see me if you’re interested).
d. 12/27 9am–9pm Tabletop Game Day. The Space is going to be invaded by gamers for a community/holiday vacation day. Open to all.

AND of course, thank you to all of you for being amazing and making The Space come alive every day. <3 Monique