Hey Everyone,

A few updates:

1. The VBSR Event on 2/13 still has tickets. You can use the “VBSR Member” option to skip paying. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vbsr-get-together-hosted-by-the-space-on-main-tickets-54403741054?fbclid=IwAR0Cc4zGo79mUK3jTcR3UZt7cY8j11-ukoLUEb48jO6cYKakrtuA5mUhQzk Colatina is going to cater and there will be a cash bar – along with a speaker and general networking with people from around the state.

2. We have shelves in the kitchen now! The one above the fridge is for shared coffee/tea items. Please feel free to use the one above the sink for your individual items that you want to keep here such as snack items, mugs, etc.

3. The monitors by the door and over the stairway are going now! The door shows upcoming events and the stairway shows a mix of events, sponsors, etc.

4. By [our] request, the software used to manage The Space added a Benefits page. (Benefits tab on https://space.onmain.app) I’ve posted links to Slack, the Facebook Group, and a Local Buzz reminder for now. I’ll work on asking businesses for discounts and such now that this page is up and public so they can see it. Reminder to anyone who hasn’t filled out their profile or business yet – those can be seen under Members and Companies on the same page. You can edit this under My Profile in the upper right. Let me know if you need any help.

5. The Vermont Senate Committee on Economic Development has requested to hold a rare field hearing at The Space on Tue, 2/19 (most likely 9am-12pm). They are going to open the session up to hear testimony from anyone who would like to speak to how coworking and makerspaces could be supported as a resource for helping rural economies. They asked me to round up all of the founders/supporters/users of spaces around the state. The founders alone have hit 40+ people and then those spaces are inviting their members. So that day might get a little crazy, but will be super energizing. I’m going to let anyone traveling from other spaces to work for free for the day as there are people coming from Rutland, Bennington, Burlington, Waitsfield, Montpelier, Lyndon, Newport, and even a few from Massachusetts. The committee is providing more details shortly if anyone is interested in testifying/attending/etc.

I think that’s it for now! Hope you’re all having a great week!


PS I’m skipping the listserv method and just BCCing everyone as I think previous updates ended up in spam here and there.