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Hi Everyone!

Few updates:

a. We’re going to start doing an unannounced, members-only BYOB happy hour at 4pm on third Thursdays. (I can’t actually make this one (3/14) because Rotary is doing a student scholarship fundraiser in Haverhill – all you can eat pie buffet if anyone wants to come after work!)

b. I’m trying to keep the Events page (https://thespaceonmain.org/events) updated. For anyone working nights/weekends, there are a few events mostly in the Event Space at night. On Saturday, 3/23 a New England SCA group is taking over the whole building with workshops and classes in every open area (not using shared offices or the wellness office). This is open to the public and happening 9am-5pm.

c. I made a few changes to the website. We’ve added team/business/sponsorship options as well as 6-/12-month discounts if anyone wants to switch things up. https://thespaceonmain.org/useit

d. Also added a course/workshop proposal form if anyone knows anyone who might have skills they want to share. https://thespaceonmain.org/proposal

e. Did not get the ThinkInnovation grant for laptops and video equipment that several people helped on. Will keep trying! Also still working on funding for the business accelerator program.

f. Coffee bean container has been refilled with UVCR!

g. We have two recent members who have joined. Sarah Pushee and Richard DeMerchant. Welcome! 🙂

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions!