Cold Brew | iOS & Android Apps | Updates | Volunteer?

Morning Everyone!

Few things:

a. Cold Brew
There’s a new gallon of cold brew in the fridge. Help yourself! (From our friends at Upper Valley Coffee Roasters!)

b. iOS & Android Apps
The iOS app still isn’t working quite right. I have written again to support. In the meantime, the Login link at the top of will bring you to the mobile web version of Proximity. PS They say they have a working Android version now:

c. Updates
With new members, I added a page for archiving these emails so that everyone can go back and read through past updates: (also accessible through Proximity > Member Benefits > Members-Only Updates).

d. Volunteer?
I have to travel next week and we have a First Friday gallery opening on Friday night. Would anyone be available 4:30-7:30 to let the winery folks in, keep an eye on things, and make sure the doors are shut/lights are off at the end?

Welcome to our newest member, Stephen Schramm! Welcome back to Andrea Moore! 🙂 And hugs and best wishes to Hannah Palmer Egan as she heads off for Brooklyn! <3

Have a great Thursday!


PS My cat is still very sick so I’m working from home. If anyone needs me, I’m just down the road so feel free to text 802-222-1909. Thanks!