Happy holiday weekend! Here are a few updates:

Member Potluck Cookout
Saturday, July 13th 5-8pm. Family welcome! Feel free to come hang out or to pop in. If people could RSVP with a rough head count by Friday so I can have an idea to purchase meat, that would be awesome, but not required. I’ll pick up some nonalcoholic drinks. Feel free to BYOB. Depending on numbers, it might be good idea to pack a camp chair with you if you have one. Cell: 802-222-1909. 1252 Fairground Road, Bradford, VT 05033 (1 mile from the intersection of Route 5 and Fairgound Road. Driveway on the right, directly after a 40MPH sign. Priestley is on a tree sign at the end of the driveway). Drive up – we can handle car tetris. Ryan and I will park our cars at the bottom so there’s room at the top.

Heat Pump AC Units & Fans
These things are a little finicky. Feel free to use them, but please make sure to turn them off. Just because the remote shows that the units are off, does not mean they are – the green lights should turn off and the flaps should close. The remote needs to be pointed at a unit, within range for it to work. I also purchased a fan to get air circulating to the back of the top floor and one for the Conference Room.

Monique on West Coast 7/16-7/21
Ryan and I are headed to Portland and Seattle for the week of 7/15. Please do not hesitate to text if something comes up (802-222-1909). If an emergency were to occur and I was unreachable, the building owners can be reached at Colatina Exit next door (Vin & Angela). Mike Musty has volunteered to go in on Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri mornings to help tidy things up and turn on ACs. You all have been awesome at picking up, turning off fans/lights. If you could help keep an extra eye on things while I am out, it would be very appreciated. In the case that new drop-in members try to stop in, I am having quick-start instruction cards printed. Please do not hesitate with any questions or concerns.

Welcome to new members Nathaniel Pearlman, Katie Partridge, Marin LaCroix, and Katherine Durgin-Bruce! 🙂