Happy Friday Everyone!

I am headed to my Seattle office 9/14-9/22. If you need anything while I’m away, please don’t hesitate to text or Slack. I may not always be able to take phone calls as we’ll be presenting to customers Mon-Wed. If there’s an emergency, please call 802-222-1909 (my cell). If you can’t get me or need someone in person quickly, Vin & Angela Wendell own the building and can be found next door at Colatina 802-222-9008 (they have a heads up).

My partner, Ryan Lockwood, will be in each evening to tidy up, check trash, etc. His cell is 802-565-0537.

Please feel free to defer any membership inquiries to my cell or tell them to email thespaceonmain@gmail.com. Day pass people can use the Quick Start cards found on my desk or near the candy dish.

Please be sure to turn off lights, close windows/doors, and keep things tidy. I really appreciate how great you all are at looking after things.

Two more things!

#1 Our next Tech Thursday Meetup is going to further the discussion of starting a Code for America Bridgade (Code for UV) with Craig and Anna as co-captains! Join us on October 3rd at 5:30pm and on the Slack channel at: https://join.slack.com/t/codeforuv/shared_invite/enQtNzQ5MTc0NzQzMjIyLTExNTYwNDIzMjNiZDI4ZmMwZTcyNTczM2UwNjBmNmI0OTFiZjgxNWEzZGM1ZmNjMTgxYTFmYTJiYmVhMjJjZmQ

#2 We have a few new Sustaining Spark members! Welcome, Amber, Jill, Ed, Mary, and Angela! Thank you for joining us! 🙂

Have a great week! 🙂