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Happy Friday Everyone!

I am headed to my Seattle office 9/14-9/22. If you need anything while I’m away, please don’t hesitate to text or Slack. I may not always be able to take phone calls as we’ll be presenting to customers Mon-Wed. If there’s an emergency, please call 802-222-1909 (my cell). If you can’t get me or need someone in person quickly, Vin & Angela Wendell own the building and can be found next door at Colatina 802-222-9008 (they have a heads up).

My partner, Ryan Lockwood, will be in each evening to tidy up, check trash, etc. His cell is 802-565-0537.

Please feel free to defer any membership inquiries to my cell or tell them to email Day pass people can use the Quick Start cards found on my desk or near the candy dish.

Please be sure to turn off lights, close windows/doors, and keep things tidy. I really appreciate how great you all are at looking after things.

Two more things!

#1 Our next Tech Thursday Meetup is going to further the discussion of starting a Code for America Bridgade (Code for UV) with Craig and Anna as co-captains! Join us on October 3rd at 5:30pm and on the Slack channel at:

#2 We have a few new Sustaining Spark members! Welcome, Amber, Jill, Ed, Mary, and Angela! Thank you for joining us! 🙂

Have a great week! 🙂