Member Update! Reminders | Phone Booths | Day Passes | Calm Coupons | Holiday

It has been so great to have so many of you back and using The Space on a regular basis. Thank you! 🙂

A special welcome shout out to our newest members, Keith and Min, as well as a new event host, Carissa. Thank you for joining us!

As a reminder, you always have access to Member Updates on our website: as well as the Getting Started page if you need a refresher on guidelines, helpful tips, etc.

Since there are more of us coming and going, please make sure to check if you are the last one in the building when you leave and if so, please double check that windows and doors are closed and that the lights and fans are off. I’m hoping with an upgrade to the building, you won’t need to help check thermostats this winter!

The phone booths have been incredible! These are available under Reservations > Resources. Our third phonebooth will be delivered tomorrow afternoon between 12-2. This will be constructed directly next to the downstairs booth.

With the Calm branded phone booths, I have 36 coupons for one free year of Calm subscriptions. To find out more visit and then let me know if you want to try it out. I have been using a similar meditation app, Headspace, and it has completely transformed my sleep.

Day Passes are back! If you know anyone who isn’t quite into the monthly subscription, but needs a place here and there, please tell them to get in touch. 🙂 The Membership page of the website has been updated.

I am off from my full-time job on Monday and don’t plan on going into The Space. I hope you all are doing something fun and/or relaxing with your three day weekend!

As always, please don’t hesitate to text me if something comes up and you need me (802-222-1909).

Thank you so much for being awesome!