Big Member Updates!

Happy New Year, everyone!
Member updates will be more frequent from here on out!
#1 The Huddle Room & Studio. This is now available for reservations. I’m still finalizing a few things and making adjustments based on early use, but it’s up and going! This room is $40/hr for Public Use OR available as a Member Add-On of $25/month for 5 hours of use, $10/hr after the first 5 hours. Let me know if you would like a tour and/or to add this to your membership!
#2 Other Add-Ons. The Conference Room and Event Space have similar Member Add-Ons available. Each of these rooms is now $40/hr for Public Use OR available as a Member Add-On of $25/month for 5 hours of use, $10/hr after the first 5 hours.
#3 Space Lab (aka Makerspace). I am still waiting on our 3D printers to arrive from Prague, but everything else has arrived (vinyl cutters, laser cutter, computers, etc.). Most of the equipment for that room will require air flow so I’ll be waiting for our HVAC system to be installed first. Once that’s in place, the Lab will be a Members-Only resource, available as an Add-On of $25/month. (I will be running classes and such out of it for the public, but ongoing use will be reserved for members.)
#4 Speaking of Classes! Heads up that we will be running a 5-Day Youth CAD Camp the week of February vacation (Feb 21-25). This will take place in the Event Space. All attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination. This will be for 8-18 year olds a combined time of 9am-4pm. This is a test and we’ll see how it goes!
#5 More Classes! I am currently running a 10-Week Business Planning Course. We will be starting 2 more cohorts, in February and March. If you or anyone you know would like help getting an idea off of the ground, check out
#6 Lockers! I just finished putting the hanging hooks in them and the locks have come in. If you would like to add a lock to your membership ($15/mo), let me know and I’ll get you a lock.
#7 Community Survey. This was sent out to the broader community to get a sense of enhancements that we should focus on at The Space. I will be sending this out in a newsletter, but would love your early feedback!
#8 Building Improvements. ARC Mechanical will be installing a new HVAC system that will travel in and out of every room of The Space. This is roughly scheduled for March/April. As I know exact dates, I will keep you updated. Also, if you notice purple tape throughout The Space, these are proposed locations for electrical outlets. Please leave those in place until I get things finalized with the electrician – this is also planned for March/April.

#8 Improvements. I’ve been trying to add things like cushions, multi-power outlets, etc. These types of things happen as they pop into my head, I notice usage, or people provide feedback. If you have an idea of something that would improve your experience here, please let me know! 🙂

#9 Communication. I have turned off the check-in emails. I am going to start to use Slack more for announcements. If you aren’t already on it, please feel free to sign up here: Please feel free to use this to connect with other members, ask questions, share announcements, etc.

#10 RE COVID. Just a reminder, that if you are experiencing symptoms, please work from home, get tested, and make sure you’re in the clear before coming in. (I quarantined last week and got a PCR myself when I started to experience cold symptoms.) I have held off bringing back the mask requirement as everyone has been really good about things. That said, IF people would feel safer with a requirement over the next few weeks, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I want people to feel safe. 🙂
Welcomes: Recent members who joined since all of the bustle of Thanksgiving include Eric, Hink, Travis, and Gerry! Welcome! 🙂
By the way, with so many members since the last time I sent out a big update, you can find member updates here:
Okay, I think that’s it until next week! Thank you all for being members! I hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start!