You’re Amazing | ROOMs | Air Circulation | Virtual Race | Welcome

It’s weird to think I haven’t written a member email since before COVID! I am attempting to get back into a routine again and wanted to share a few updates with you all.

You all have been amazing. Thank you for your support. And to all of our members who use The Space on a regular basis, thank you for putting up with the weird COVID requirements. I’m hoping to relax them as much as possible as we’re able. Starting now, there is no longer a 4-hour restriction on day-use. There is still an 8am-5pm restriction, but we have more than enough area to spread out for day-use. Please continue to make reservations for the time being.

ROOM Booths Are On Their Way!
After weeks of waiting, the soundproof phone booths that I ordered (as the result of an economic impact grant) are on their way! We have 3 coming and with that, all monthly day-use members will get a subscription to the Calm meditation app (which can be used in the booths). The next upgrade as the result of the grant will be webinar/podcast recording equipment… which was a bit ahead of its time and now seems super relevant.

Grant Application for Air Circulation
We will need to have some sort of improvements made in order to stay open after the time comes to close the windows during the day. I am applying for a state grant to try to get UV filters on all heat/cooling pumps as well as fresh air intake for this winter. It will require a 50% match so I may end up trying to reach out to our network to try to raise that pretty quickly.

Race for The Space | Virtual Paddle Fundraiser
Speaking of raising funds, there is currently a virtual paddle fundraiser happening. Visit to sign up (for fun or competitively) or to sponsor the event, a team, or an individual. We are currently making around $1,200 of our monthly $3,300 bills (lease, electric, etc.) so every bit helps.

Finally, I Would Love to Welcome New Members! 🙂
Welcome Linda, Heidi, Sydney, Paul, Bobbie, Larry, Priscilla, Richard, Jim, Michele, Jess, Jane, and Jesa! We’re very excited to have you on board!

Thank you all for your support and for sticking through this with us! <3

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!