Reserving Workstations | Crew Member Discount | Quarantining

I missed our birthday! The Space hit it’s 2nd birthday on October 12th! Thank you so much for being supportive, incredible members of this community. I really cannot thank you enough. With the craziness of COVID, the outpouring of support has been amazing. We wouldn’t be here without you and it has been made very clear that everyone wants The Space to stick it through to the other side.

It has been really great to have everyone coming back here and there! It has also been awesome to have the various small groups using The Events Space!

For Monthly Members & Event Hosts: Please make sure to book your time on the calendar for ALL workstations and rooms that you are using so we don’t have conflicts. This includes the Phonebooths. You can check availability and book any time on the Proximity Mobile phone app or by visiting

A few people have asked about family membership. Our Crew Member membership is available at a 50% discount throughout the Vermont State of Emergency to help families. This provides a 50% Discount on a monthly membership for a family memberMembership access matches that of the current member. You can read more here: If you would like to take advantage of this, please feel free to text/call/email me.

Now that Grafton County is yellow, please consider your level of risk when visiting The Space. Health appointments and work technically do not require quarantine, but if you feel you have put yourself at risk, please consider quarantining. You can see the updated map every Tuesday:

That said, I have a surgery consult in Cambridge on Tuesday, 10/27. Although it doesn’t require quarantine, Cambridge is in a red zone and hospitals are going to be hot zones. I am going to self-quarantine for 14 days following my appointment. If people come to the door with questions of membership/rentals, please have them call/text me at 802-222-1909. We are still requiring the state mandated VOSHA and COVID member agreement and I can manage that with people over email.

I am sad that we can’t do the whole-building haunted house or community Thanksgiving this year, but they’ll be even more special when we can host them again! I feel like everything is going to be even more special when we can gather again!

I hope you are all staying sane, safe, and well. Thank you again!