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First off, thank you so much to everyone who helped water plants, take out trash, and generally just look out for The Space while I was out! <3 Here are a few updates:
I don’t know what got into the printer, but it has been throwing a tantrum for a month or so. It’s all fixed and back online. If you would like to have access to the printer, let me know and I’ll get you set up with an Ezeep account. You get 25 pages per month for free and then $0.10 per page after that.
We’re going to start having events again in The Space so that means pizza leftovers are back. 🙂 There are two in the fridge from last night – help yourselves! And whenever you see leftover pizza in general, it’s up for grabs unless it has someone’s name on it or something. Also, I’m going to restock the fridge with sodas and such. Maybe don’t touch the bottom drawer stuff for now, ’cause it’s old.
It seems like reservations are more confusing than they’re worth so starting Monday, July 5th, workstations will return to first-come, first-serve. This DOES NOT apply to the following Resources: Workstation (downstairs room), Meeting Room, and ALL Phonebooths. Before using these resources, please double check to see if someone has reserved them. We have had several instances of people booking phonebooths who haven’t been able to get into them at the time of their reservation. If you would prefer a dedicated desk, you can upgrade at any time and we can figure out an in-office or open-space option for you that will be dedicated to your use only.
Members no longer need to check-in when entering The Space. If you have visitors/guests, please have them check-in at the station in the entrance.
A member recently brought up the fact that these booths are not sound proof, just sound dampening. Please keep that in mind if you are expecting that your conversations are completely confidential. The downstairs booths do not have tables located near them, so they’re a safer bet if you want privacy.
I’m putting together little welcome/thank you for sticking with us through COVID bags for everyone. I’ll try to catch everyone when they’re in, but if I miss you, I’ll send you a message to make sure you get one. 🙂
We will start having member events very shortly! I’m a little bit limited in what I’m supposed to do at the moment, but at the very least, we’ll start in August. 🙂 If anyone has ideas for things they want to do or if you want to help coordinate, let me know. In the past we’ve done holiday parties, game nights, happy hours, group evening paddles, etc.
I think that’s it for now! Hope you are staying cool at home or The Space this week!