Auto-Renewals | Groups | Events Return

Hope you all had a great weekend! Here are a few updates for this week:

If you are set up on a monthly membership for a short period of time, please remember to let Monique know if you need to stop auto-renewal (15th of every month).
Groups are beginning to rent the Event Space and Conference Room again. Reservations during the M-F 9-5 hours should be okay sound-wise for everyone to coexist happily, but please let me know if any issues arise. During classes, please try to keep the tables closest to the Event Space on the quiet side as loud calls can be disruptive. (Feel free to hop in the phone booth if you need to.) You can preview bookings at any time at or through the Proximity app on your phone.
I am filling the calendar (as of August) up with new and returning public and member-only events! I will start loading them on the monitor in the doorway again, but you can also see them on the Proximity Calendar and on Facebook. We will never use the downstairs, so in cases where we are using the entire upstairs (limited weekend days and times), there will always be space to work.
We have lots of new members this week! Welcome to Alok, Cassandra, Dan, and Julie & partner! 🙂 And shoutouts to newish members Emmeline, Steven, Stephen, Connie, Ellen, Ted, Tyler, Apricot, Jonah, Laura, and Adam! 🙂
If you ever miss an update, you can always check your Members-Only portal on the website.
I think that’s it for now! 🙂