Snacks | Fridge | Headphones | Events | Equipment

Hope you all had a great weekend! Here are a few updates for this week:

Soda and seltzer has been restocked in the fridge (bottom drawers) and snacks are on the counter.FRIDGE CLEAN OUT (FRIDAY!)
I’m pretty sure there are a handful of items in the fridge from pre-COVID times. There is blue painter’s tape on the microwave. By 5pm Friday, please place a piece of tape on any times that you would like to keep. Over the weekend, anything that isn’t marked will be tossed so we can start fresh.

A reminder to use headphones when you’re on calls in open areas or the Workstation. If you forget them at home, we have extras to give out that you can keep.

We’re starting to do events again! I want to give people a heads up for a few in particular as may want to avoid coming in at certain times:

  • July 31st we are hosting a drag show after party (9pm-midnight). Ryan and I will clean that night, but may have some extra cleaning to do August 1st.
  • August 14th the entire upstairs will be used for an artisan market 10am-4pm (this will be 2nd Saturdays each month) and then will be used at night 7pm-midnight for a karaoke party.

I delayed spending down an equipment grant that we got prior to COVID to make sure we’d still be around. This let us purchase the phone booths, but also included funds for laptops for hosting classes. In addition, I had applied for funds to buy equipment to livestream events and to turn the other half of the Meeting Room into a podcast/webinar recording studio. The request was ahead of its time! That equipment will all be coming in over the next few weeks. There are several community members who will start hosting robotics workshops, I’m trying to start a youth coding league, etc. If you are interested in teaching workshops, please let me know!

Welcome to new members Sebastian, Ben, Bernice, and Abby! And welcome back, Taylor! 🙂

If you ever miss an update, you can always check your Members-Only portal on the website.
I think that’s it for now! 🙂