Updates to Memberships & Restrictions | New Equipment | Events

Below are lots of updates of adjustments to COVID restrictions, available equipment, and events. I have included monthly members, Sparks, and a few frequent hosts on this email as there are many changes.

First, we have many new members including both monthly and Spark members! Welcome Cat, Phyllis, Lora, Ted, Daniel, Carole, and Pat! We’re very excited to have you on board and really appreciate your support! <3

Membership Changes
Common Area is staying the same (M-F 8am-5pm access). Night Owl (24/7 access) has been reinstated. Day Pass for individual days is still deactivated due to potential conflicts with quarantine restrictions, but there is a new Day Pass Punch Card available for the purchase of 10 Days. If you would like to upgrade back to Night Owl, please let me know.

Crew Member Discounted Memberships
A few people have asked about discounted memberships for family members who are now struggling to remote work from home. Any monthly members who would like to get a second membership for their household can do so at 50%. I will end putting the family member on a membership attached to you so you’ll only receive one bill.

Remote Working with Kids
As schools get going again, if we have parent members who need to bring their child(ren) (ages 12-17) with them to work on schoolwork while parents work remotely, we will work with parents to add their child(ren) to their account. Along those lines, we have one shared office that currently does not have anyone using it, so you’ll have a space that you can work from alongside your child(ren) without having to worry about working in the open area.

Updates to Phone Booths & Meeting Room
We now have two soundproof phone booths now available (one upstairs and one downstairs). We have one more on the way. I have converted the bigger closet-style phone booth into storage, but have relabeled the smaller one “workstation”. You can now book the Upstairs Phonebooth, Downstairs Phonebooth, or Workstation under Reservations > Resources. I’ve used them frequently and they’re great!

Hosted Events, Meetings & Visitors
There are several groups of people who have not been able to return to senior centers, libraries, churches, meetings spaces, etc. and have asked to use the Conference Room and Event Space. These rooms are being opened to groups to help facilitate physically-distanced gatherings. The Conference Room has a max of 6 people. The Event Space has a max of 15 people. The hosts are aware of precautions such as required mask use and health checks. Every host, attendee, and visitor is required to check-in. At this time, if you would like to resume client meetings, please feel free to do so – just have that person check-in to verify health and to verify that they have not traveled to an area requiring quarantine.

Health Checks
Due to the increase of non-member use of The Space, you are welcome to continue using the app to do your health check, but if it’s easier, we now have a paper sign in method at the entrance. As long as you do one or the other, that works for me.

Please continue to make reservations of coworking stations for contact tracing, but do not worry about having to make them 24 hours in advance. While it’s good for people to see how many people will be in, usage has been low. Previously, I have gauged whether or not to come in based on reservations, but at this point, I’ve returned to coming in every week day.

Masks are still required (except when you need to eat/drink). At the same time, usage of The Space has been pretty minimal so if you are able to distance and want to remove them for video calls, that has been okay by me. If usage increases please check with others to ask their comfort level. Also, when visitors come through to use the Event Space, they will be more at ease and respectful of mask wearing guidelines if they see you wearing yours. If you are walking around, using the kitchen, and/or are in the presence of others, please wear your mask.

Windows and doors have been open with fans on to increase air flow. We submitted a grant to get ventilation equipment and air purifiers. Will keep you posted on this!

We have added two HDMI compatible monitors to the collection of usable equipment downstairs. Please feel free to use these and put them back when you are done.

• Code for UV has more than doubled in size and is busy working on technical applications to assist with food insecurity and rural broadband data in our area. If you would like to join in, visit codeforuv.org.
• Doug Teschner is continuing to offer Leadership Lunch & Learns. Our next workshop is Thursday, 9/24 12-1:30pm. Let me know if you’re interested.

I think that’s it for now! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. And thank you again for continuing to use and support The Space!