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Accepting rolling applications for RISE: Core’s 10-week business program, powered by CO.STARTERS. RISE: Core offers a variety of FREE business support programs through The Space On Main. Made possible with support from the US Department of Agriculture and the Vermont Community Foundation. Have a business idea that you’ve always wanted to try? We’ll provide everything you need to figure out how to turn your idea into a reality. RISE: Core is offered both in-person (Bradford, VT) and remote via Zoom.

Everything you need to build and grow your business in 10 weeks:

  • Prototype & refine your product/service
  • Identify your customers
  • Develop your marketing message
  • Learn accounting & tax best practices
  • Legal advice on best structure for your business
  • Explore funding opportunities
  • Define a strategy to scale your business

This program is designed for any aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner. Our only requirements are:

  • You have an idea you’re ready, willing, and excited to pursue!
  • You are willing to study and refine that idea with others.
  • You will commit to our 10-week program.

10 weeks. 1 day a week. 3 hours at a time. Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Session 1 – Knowing Yourself
    Assumptions, Working Styles, Team Building, Obstacles
  • Session 2 – Knowing Your Customer
    Customer, Problems, Alternatives, Idea Testing
  • Session 3 – Finding the right solution
    Solution, Benefit, Advantages, Starting Small, Brand Identity
  • Session 4 – Getting the Relationship Right
    Marketing & Message; Getting, Keeping & Growing Customers
  • Session 5 – Building Blocks
    Distribution, Revenue, Typical Offering, Price
  • Session 6 – Structures and Systems
    Legal and Accounting Considerations
  • Session 7 – Discovering the Bottom Line
    Startup & Ongoing Needs, Fixed & Variable Costs, Break-Even Point
  • Session 8 – Financial Modeling 
    Break-Even Point, Sales Projections, Cash Flow, Raising Capital
  • Session 9 – Planning for growth
    Growth Plans, Goal Setting, Preparing for Celebration Night
  • Session 10 – Celebration Night

What Enrollment Gets You:
10-Week CO.STARTERS Program • Mentors & Drop-In Hours • Activity Supplies • Online Resource Portal • 6-Months of LivePlan • Coworking Space Membership Discount

RISE: Core takes place once a week at The Space On Main in Bradford, Vermont (remote optional). Please review our COVID Policy for requirements of entry. Each program runs for 10 weeks. Questions? Email thespaceonmain@gmail.com

Our 2023-2024 Schedule

[OPEN] Cohort 9
Oct 11, 2023 – Dec 13, 2023
Wednesdays 6:00pm-9:00pm

Seeking Sponsors!
Interested in helping local entrepreneurs to succeed in the Upper Valley? We need your help! Email thespaceonmain@gmail.com.

Thank You to Our Supporters!
Made possible with support from the US Department of Agriculture.

One-on-one counseling, free business planning courses, networking events, connections to statewide and federal resources, and more. We’re here to support entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether you’re just starting out or pivoting after decades of persistence. Learn how we can help.

Lindsey joined us for our sixth CO.STARTERS cohort in Spring 2022. Lindsey is working on a plan to open a full service laundromat that will service the northern Upper Valley of Vermont & New Hampshire. Lindsey is working on taking control of her career and being able to spend more time with her family.

Matthew joined us for our very first CO.STARTERS cohort in Spring 2020. After completing the course, he was able to transition from his career as a full-time nurse to one as a full-time arborist. Matthew has since hired additional employees and is living his dream. Matthew joins us regularly to share his experiences with new cohorts.

Heidi joined us during one of our first hybrid cohorts of CO.STARTERS. Although she has run a highly successful business for 30 years, she enrolled in the course in order to plan a brand new product line with a cohort of peers who offered support and accountability. Heidi’s experience was an incredible asset in our peer-to-peer program.


We are stronger together. Our programs utilize curriculums and licenses of a wide variety of other organizations. One of our favorites is CO.STARTERS which powers our 10-week business planning course, youth entrepreneurship workshops, and bootcamps. You can check out their featured white paper about our work together here.

RISE is a member of the CO.STARTERS network. Learn more at costarters.co.