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We are the most unique ink company in the world. Our company is made of artists, technicians and experts all intimate with what we develop and sell. Founded in 1994 by Jon and Cathy Cone, the OEMs have called us a “boutique” ink company because we are small and make specialized products. Yet, we formulate more inks than any other 3rd party ink company in the world (more than 100 separate inks for Epson printers). What makes our ink superior is that we have a deeper understaning in how it is used and why it is used. Our sister company Cone Editions Press is the world’s first digital printmaking studio. We’ve a long history.

We are also willing to invest in new technologies. Our motivation is not to make ink in a “compatibles” market. We were first to offer pigment in Epson printers prior to Epson offering pigment in their own printers. We were first to manufacture carbon monochrome inks (in addition to being the inventors of quadblack). We were the first to offer nano-grinding of pigments to precisely control their shape and polish. We are the only 3rd party ink company in the world to join both HP and Epson in developing an encapsulated pigment particle

All of our pigment inks are encapsulated to isolate the static charge. Expensive chemistry is required to both control the static charge as well as the dispersion of each of our special pigments. As a result, our pigment particles can not attract one another to form clumps. The benefits to the user is non-clogging performance and high-standard printability. Just like Epson’s encapsulated pigment inks ConeColor Pro, Piezography, and InkThrfitDB inks must be shaken prior to use.

In the USA, all Cone branded inks are sold exclusively through InkjetMall. We do manufacture private label inks for several other ink companies in the USA. These are formulas which we do not sell ourselves. Please contact us if you would require ink development or are interested in becoming a dealer or distributor.

Naturally, a company as knowledgeable as we are would have the industry’s best free technical support – and we do! Our customer support is second to none. We do all of our own manufacturing and packaging. In short, we are very stable company with a vested interest to remain in this medium for as long as possible. InkjetMall is owned by two photographer/artist/printmakers who treat this family business as a “life”. We live and breath our art and this company is an expression of that.


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Pioneers, Innovators & Experts in Digital Printmaking since 1984. inkjetmall.com


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